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Adam Ginsberg: Producer

Adam Ginsberg is a New York actor, producer, voice artist, and host.  With varied experience ranging from advertising and marketing to filmmaking and event management, Adam has developed a keen sense of the business side of projects, while his passion for bringing characters to life, combined with his educational background (including schooling from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting), has allowed him to flourish in film, theatre, voice-over, and hosting.

Beginning his acting and producing career several years ago with the inception of his company TwitchTwitch Productions and a successful theatrical run of the company’s original theater productions, Adam progressed both on stage and off as he created new shows and productions, acted Off-Broadway, and kicked off his radio program “The POD of the Dead.” As a theatrical actor, he has performed on stages on Long Island as well as in New York City.

As Adam transitioned personally to film acting and producing, he also transitioned his company to large-scale events and ultimately film festivals.  Co-founding and -producing The Macabre Faire Film Festival with his wife, Elsie, Adam and she have rocketed TwitchTwitch Productions to a very important position within the indie horror film community.

As a film actor, Adam has done a number of short and feature-length projects over the last few years. He recently played the lead role in 2013′s award-winning Western film “Prize,” as well as the Killer in “The Gilgo Beach Murders” feature film, which he also co-produced.

Adam has steadily found his way into quality projects with solid filmmakers, including work with award-winning producers and filmmakers Hakki Subentekin and Joe Tripician, with whom he acted for in various projects. To date, he has acted in more than 20 films and productions and produced several projects as well as short and feature-length films.

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