Jeremiah Kipp


Jeremiah Kipp: Director

He is a New York City-based writer, producer, and director with over ten years experience creating narrative and commercial films. Through his work, Jeremiah has the proven ability to provide the highest level of visual direction, story development and work with actors.

He has directed several short films including THE DAYS GOD SLEPT (HorrorHound 2014); BAGGAGE (produced by Rob Dimension); CRESTFALLEN; EASY PREY (commissioned by Visionfest’s annual 5×5 screening series); CONTACT (commissioned by Sinister Six annual screening series); THE POD  starring Larry Fessenden; SNAPSHOT, DROOL, and THE APARTMENT (commissioned by Canon to premiere their XL2 camera at DV Expo 2004).  He recently completed two episodes of the horror Web series IN FEAR OF…, directed A CHANCE IN HELL and LOTS OF FUN for Jenny Joslin Productions, the music video FATE for recording artist Aaron David Gleason, and the music video MASTERMIND starring Chris Sarandon.

His short film THE CHRISTMAS PARTY earned warm responses from over 50 international film festivals including Cannes and Clermont-Ferrand and received a 5-star review from Film Threat (“One of the best, most polished short films of the year!”). He is currently in post-production on his first feature film, THE SADIST starring legendary horror icon Tom Savini (FROM DUSK TIL DAWN; DAWN OF THE DEAD).

Commercial clients have included Canon, Mandragoras Performance Space. Hart Pictures, The Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association, The Lark Theater Co, and John Isaac Genève Watches.

Jeremiah’s producing credits include SATAN HATES YOU starring Michael Berryman, Reggie Bannister, and Angus Scrimm, PIERCING REALITY: THE MAKING OF POSSESSION featuring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani, IN MONTAUK, GOD’S LAND, LET’S PLAY, THE JONESTOWN DEFENSE, THE DOLL’S HOUSE (shot in Valencia, Spain) and THE BED-THING (directed by Pulitzer Prize nominated Matt Zoller Seitz). Notable assistant director credits include SOMEWHERE TONIGHT starring John Turturro, I SELL THE DEAD starring Dominic Monaghan, THE AWAKENED starring Robert Picardo, and ONE NIGHT starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo.

Jeremiah holds a B.F.A. in film from New York University, having graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts with honors.

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