Kelly Rae LeGault


Kelly Rae LeGault: Leading Actress

Kelly Rae LeGault is an actress and model based out of New York City. Originally from the Midwest, Kelly developed a desire for performing that overshadowed everything else she wanted to do, and started at a very young age. She was appreciative of her small-town upbringing, but wanted something more. Watching Saturday Night Live on her grandmother’s living room floor with her brother and cousins is what made her want to be a performer. She was three years old, and able to recite dialogue from entire sketches (and mimic the voices) to the delight of her family. Despite her shy nature, Kelly found that acting was the one area where she felt the confidence to do whatever was necessary to bring a story to life. That newfound confidence led to numerous roles in her community theatre (Players de Noc, in Escanaba, MI), children’s theatre (Missoula Children’s Theatre, in Missoula, MT), and consecutive featured roles at Gladstone Area High School for her four-year career.

Kelly then decided to pursue Communication and Performance Studies at Northern Michigan University (NMU). During her time at NMU, Kelly fell into her theatre studies immediately, but found out that she was not getting the kind of roles she had before. She was not being considered for the ingenues or featured performers, but for characters and creatures. This led to some roles on the main stage, but more roles on the Black Box Theatre stage — experimental, underground work. Not surprisingly, Kelly thrived in this environment where the extreme characterizations and unconventional stagings could take hold. Her work in the Black Box was the foundation for who she is as a performer today.

Once Kelly’s theatre studies were complete, New York was in her crosshairs. A few years after moving to New York, Kelly finally got her chance to put that training to use. In her work, she is particularly drawn to dark or alternative projects that explore the edgy complexity of women characters (for modeling, macabre editorial). This led to a fateful meeting with film director Jeremiah Kipp and an immediate partnership was formed. Since then, Kelly has become a staple in the independent horror community in the tri-state area. Such projects include seasons 1 and 2 of the “In Fear Of” Web series, short films The Days God Slept and Baggage, and the independent feature film The Gilgo Beach Murders. She’s not afraid to get ugly or weird, and loves embracing unusual characters.

Kelly is proud and excited to expand her horror repertoire by working once again with Action Media Productions, and the team she knows and trusts.

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