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Rob Dimension: Producer

Rob Dimension is an actor, writer, director, entertainer, and producer, as well as supporter of the independent filming community. Dimension got his first start in the entertainment industry in the early ’90s when he worked for the Warner Brothers Network, writing and producing TV commercials.

In 2001, Dimension began his 13-year career in the sport of professional wrestling, both behind and in front of the camera. Rob was a writer for a Pennsylvania-based wrestling company, one of the only companies to have live television. Dimension’s TV work has been featured in Japan and in France also. Dimension also was notorious for portraying “bad guys” and credits this for his future work. Professional wrestling allowed Rob to travel and learn character development.

In 2009, Dimension started a “horror hosting” television series titled “Late Night at the Horror Hotel.” Dimension wrote and starred in the series as well as handled the marketing, which had the show broadcast to over 24 markets in the United States, hosting some classic films.

In 2012, Dimension started writing his award-winning film NO CLOWNING AROUND. Dimension has been open and honest about his battle with depression and believes this film was a “win” and helped him take back his life. Dimension wrote, starred in, and co-directed the short. Because of this short, the character Mumbles the Clown has even made its way to comic books, being featured in The Living Corpse: Haunted book that saw national distribution in 2013.

In 2013, Dimension began his quest for writing his second award-winning film, BAGGAGE. BAGGAGE has been seen all over the United States and has been described by viewers and critics as “a Hitchcock-style film.” Dimension wrote and starred in this tribute to classic black-and-white, psychological horror-style drama. This film has been very well received. Dimension was also named “Independent Voice” award winner for his work within the community.

In 2014, Dimension has started work on his third film, RABBIT HOLE. Dimension has stated this film will mix a rougher style of filmmaking with a twist on classic storytelling. RABBIT HOLE is scheduled to film in April and will be released this August.

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